"This place truly does feel like a "thin place" as is your desire and prayer. Heaven has touched earth here! Not only have our group been blessed by your love, care, extraordinary food and wonderful home, but they have met God! 
Thank you so much."



"When Jesus said 'come aside and rest for a while', I'm sure He had something just like Breathe in mind for His 21st century disciples. You have no idea just how blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to meet you both and find rest for my soul. 
The Spirit of God is evident in both your lives and I believe that there will be ripple effects of your love and hospitality that will last into eternity."


"You know those days when you say no to work and yes to taking time away in the most beautiful of locations, to being loved on by the most generous of people, to journaling in a rockery under a canopy surrounded by gorgeous bunting, to drinking homemade elderflower lemonade out of pretty Kilner jars, to sitting on a secluded swing and letting truth resonate deep in your heart, to taking in the glory of creation and meeting with its maker, to laughing and crying and letting your soul feast, to digging deep into the Word to the sound of the garden stream? When you leave refreshed, revived, restored and safe in the knowledge that it's going to be ok, that it's not over, that He's in control and holds it all in His hands? Today was one of those days. It was the best day. And I'm so grateful that it got to be my day."


"You come in and there is automatically an atmosphere of rest, you can feel the weights coming off your shoulders! A massive place yet it feels so intimate and comfortable and homely, with space to be on your own or with family and friends! Each of the rooms have their own amazing character and mini atmospheres tailored for all walks of life! Incredible food and beautiful views. Marie-Anne and Phil are two of the most real people of integrity who are just walking with Jesus with a heart to bless!! I urge anyone to go and try!!"



"The most amazing place, amazing presence of God, amazing accommodation, amazing couple who knows how to spoil and love on people and the most amazing vision!
We had the most precious time in the space we needed to hear from God! Phil and Marie-Anne took such care of us and has cultivated an atmosphere of worship that you walk into immediately as you walk into the home! Best retreat ever!!! Book and take time out with God, you will not regret it!"



"This place is where heaven touches earth. The hospitality of Phil & Marie Anne is exceptional, the surroundings are glorious. Gods grace oozes out of every conversation."